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cytomel side effects

The drug is used topically. Before use, the vial is shaken and checked tomitsidom liquid transparency.
Pomutnevshy drug to use is not suitable. The treatment of angina . Tomitsida dose of 10-15 ml rinse. Contact mucosal surface should be 3-5 minutes. Frequency rinse 5-6 times a day. To rinse recommended to use the drug in a heated state (37 to 42 ° C). Period of application – up to the disappearance of symptoms.Treatment cytomel side effects of pyoderma . Tomitsid used in various forms of pyoderma:


  • when the surface-stafilodermiyah streptococci;
  • when deep pyoderma forms (boils, carbuncles, hydradenitis);
  • in secondary forms of pyoderma, complicating for various dermatoses (eczema, atopic dermatitis);
  • trophic ulcers complicated by secondary purulent infection.

Treatment is carried out by applying wet bandages soaked tomitsidom on the lesions 2-3 times a day until the disappearance of symptoms. Treatment of purulent wounds . Before applying tomitsida recommended to completely remove from the wound gnoynonekrotichesky substrate. Then the wound cavity loosely with plugging tomitsidom. Dressings are held 1 time per day until the wound bleeding juicy granulations. Subsequent treatment is carried out cytomel side effects in conjunction with tomitsidom oil (liquid paraffin or castor) in equal proportions, to complete healing of the wound. Number tomitsida used bandage 1, it depends on the size and shape of suppurative cavity and, on average, 5-10 ml. Tomitsid can used for washing festering closed cavities (fistulous passages, chronic osteomyelitis, etc.), localized in the connective and bone tissue. Prevention of postoperative wounds festering . For prevention of postoperative wound suppuration tomitsid be applied as wet dressings imposed directly on the wound surface after surgery 1 times a day for the first 3-5 days. After this period, in the absence of inflammatory phenomena tomitsida use should be discontinued. Allowed to use tomitsida in conjunction with other medicines (antibiotics, sulfonamides).


The reaction to the administration .
When applying tomitsida on the affected area of skin may be a short-term burning.

Contraindications .
Contraindications tomitsida not available.

Product form .
In bottles of 200 ml sealed cytomel side effects with a rubber stopper and run-aluminum caps.